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An online service - The easiest way to get help with your company marketing on social media!

Now available in U.S.A

Facebook and Instagram ADS. 

Regard Regardless if you want more costumers or a stronger brand, or both, Facebook and Instagram ads is the most effective and cost efficient.
Done right your business will become as we refer to it “top of mind” – simply the first brand that comes to mind when people think of your industry.

Reach specific audiences. 

To really reach only the right people we use ads and sponsored posts. We work accordingly to our three step method where we create awareness, make people interested and then finally reach your goal of converting. In every step we increase the precision of the audience, according to their behavior. 

How does it work?

Video kick-off meeting

We send a link where you can book a time.

Always in 2 days and gets approved by you.

AD gets delivered to you.

Daily optimization. 

We optimize your ad daily for best results. 

AD objective and content

Together we choose what content to use. 

Launching the campaign! 

The AD runs for 20 days with your budget.


We go through and explain the results.

Need to know more? Book a phone meeting with us!





The starting point is a broad audience that gets to see your brand. We catch their attention with sorting like a contest that engages a lot of people. 



In the second step we show another ad to the people who showed interest.  Now the goal is to create engagement,
for example like your page or read something on your website.



When you got someones attention and engagement we focus on converting. Its our way of saying accomplishing your goal
– a booking, ett köp, ett besök, ett samtal eller vad det än är.

AD-Helper Online



We make a Facebook and Instagram AD and market it for 30 days 

Daily ad optimization

Reach super specific audiences

Ability to do re-targeting ads

Choose your own ad budget

Who are Likes 2 Business?

Subtitles coming soon!

We were one of the first social media agencies in Sweden to be working with small to middle-sized businesses and now we are also active in America.

Previous clients

What do you want to accomplish with your marketing efforts on social media?

2000 new bookings!

Increased revenue by 200.000 dollars in 3 months. 


The biggest facebook contest for restaurants in all of Sweden. 

We helped the new Pong Restaurant reach all the citizens of Uppsala and have a record-breaking weekend.  

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